FreeAgent Update

A new way to explain bank statements

FreeAgent have redesigned their interface for bank reconciliation making it quicker and easier to do your books.

Previously, clicking on a transaction in the statement list would take you to a new page (with lots of options!) where you could explain the transaction, before coming back to the statement page. It was a bit tedious, especially if you had lots of simple transactions to explain.

In the new interface, clicking on a transaction lets you explain it immediately from the list view, so it’s now much faster to move through your statement, explaining transactions one at a time.

For most of your transactions you should be able to explain them quickly from the statement page, but to keep the functionality easy to use, you’ll notice that FreeAgent hasn’t added all the explanation functionality to the new interface. More complicated things like project rebilling and using an explanation for matching transactions still reside in the original screen which you now access with the More Options buttons.

Advanced Filtering

Aside from the faster way to explain transactions FreeAgent have also added new filtering options. It’s now possible to filter the list of transactions by status type as well as date range so you can easily see all Unexplained transactions in March or all transactions Marked for Review in February if you’re using bank feeds.

And the month links in the sidebar now only show unexplained transactions.

If you need any help with the new bank functionality then your Account Manager will be happy to help.

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