FreeAgent Mobile - introducing new business health metrics for your clients

FreeAgent is releasing a set of mobile features that make it simpler than ever for you to keep a finger on the pulse of your finances. Having easy access to the right data about your business finances is crucial for making the right decisions. To help, FreeAgent has brought some of the desktop Dashboard widgets into FreeAgent Mobile.

Profit and Loss - for users with level 7 and 8 access to FreeAgent

First up is the Profit & Loss screen. The screen displays your year-to-date income and the running costs for your business.

Drilling down, you can see your operating and retained profit (or losses) for the year, along with your distributable profits, so you know how much you can safely take out of the business.

Cashflow - for users with level 6 access and above

FreeAgent Mobile’s new Cashflow view displays the total money coming in and out across all of a your bank accounts in FreeAgent.

You can look back at three, six or nine-month views and can even highlight specific months for more detail.

Tax Timeline - for users with level 7 and 8 access

FreeAgent Mobile now also displays your Tax Timeline so you can see your important upcoming tax liabilities and filing deadlines.

Coming soon: mobile tax notifications - for users with level 7 and 8 access

In the next week or so, you will also be able to enable notifications for tax timeline events in FreeAgent Mobile.

Once FreeAgent has released this feature, you will be asked to enable notifications when you next use the mobile app. You will also be able to set notifications up by navigating to Settings > Notifications within FreeAgent Mobile.

If you’re not currently using FreeAgent Mobile for iOS or Android yet, you can get started by downloading the relevant app from either the App Store or Google Play.

Two-Step Verification

FreeAgent has released 2-Step Verification, an optional security feature that you can enable in your FreeAgent account.

2-Step Verification works in conjunction with a smartphone authentication app to prompt you to enter a randomly generated verification code - in addition to your regular FreeAgent login credentials - every time you want to access your FreeAgent account. This means you can be confident that your account will remain protected if your login credentials ever fall into the wrong hands.

To find out more about Two-Step Verification and how to enable it, please read the instructions in FreeAgent’s comprehensive guide.

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