Christmas Party Tax Relief

Christmas is a perfect excuse to treat yourself, stop worrying about what presents and gifts to buy your loved ones and spend a bit of time enjoying yourself during the party season.

Tax Relief

Even if you work on your own you don’t have to miss out on the tradition that is the work Christmas party.  HMRC allows for a tax relief to all companies for the cost of providing an annual event for its staff. This is the perfect excuse to treat yourself at Christmas. 

What Can Be Claimed?

You can claim up to £150 per head and you can even invite your partner. That would mean you and a loved one could enjoy a night out with £300 to spend, tax free. 

The Rules

You must make sure that you do not exceed the £150 limit, otherwise the entire claim will be subject to National Insurance Contributions and income tax.

The event must also be open to all staff.

Remember that this allowance is an annual allowance rather than per event. This means that if you have already claimed £100 for a summer BBQ then you would only be able to claim £50 for a Christmas party. 


All that is left to say is enjoy the festive period and merry Christmas!

Tags: Ltd, Expenses, Corporation Tax

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